Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pick Me Up London

Today was a lovely day when I met lovely fellow illustrators by harnessing the power of Twitter!
I went to the Pick Me Up! Contemporary Art Fair at Somerset House with Thereza RoweSimon Wild, Kate Slater, Jo Cheung and Emma Cowley, also I met Amelia Gregory for first time! Whom I illustrated for London Fashion Week and other various projects. The fair was highly inspiring, learning all the types of printing methodology and also it was amazing meeting in real people, real time as oppose to virtual "kind of second life" Twitter. 

Twitter: 1 VS Facebook: Nil

Oh and Thereza gave me her lovely goodies! So generous ^_^

*Update*: Lovely Amelia posted a review of the Pick me Up London With a Group Photo!
Jo Cheung, Me! Kate Slater, Simon Wild and Thereza Rowe 


Emma Cowley said...

Nice to see that 'that photo' with the Le Gun butt cheeks made the cut. You sly dog! XD

June Chanpoomidole said...

Yes Emma, It had to. Hehe I been generous, I can still be evil and post on Facebook and tag Chris in appropriate places, I bet he'd get ideas from photo alone :P

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