Thursday, 11 March 2010

London Fashion Week: Hermione de Paula

Good Evening! How are you today?

Have you ever had to juggling jobs and wonder when your job ends and your life begin?
Seems like I been neglecting my illustration for little bit. However Amelia of Amelia's Magazine through me a lifeline and asked me to illustrate Hermione de Paula's collection at London Fashion Week.

Planning to organise myself bit more, my projects,  sketching trips so lots more to look forward to on the horizon. It's not all "Work and no play" ;)

Check out the full blog here!

Take care and Don't work too hard XxX


Mobile said...

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itslikeart said...

I love these illustrations!

Emma Cowley said...

Great work, and congrats on being on Amelia's blog! I tend to find in my life that the play is usually for work purposes... but then, when you decide to be creative you pretty much accept that you will have no hobbies from now on!

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