Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Come see me! In LONDON Carnaby Street!

My Susie Bubble Illustration about to be exhibited. 

Quickie post, I'm so chuffed about, my illustrations will be exhibited in London's own Carnaby Street, off Newburgh Street at Sketchbook Pop up Store! From 31st March -19th April. Ah! Super super excited. Heen.  
Click on the image for more info. 


Also I finally updated my business cards and postcards courtesy of Moo.com
Take care and I'll see you in London!! 


Corey Lee said...

The business cards and postcards look great! I like vertical business cards too.

June Chanpoomidole said...

Thanks Corey! How are things on your side?

Jo Cheung said...

Well done June!! Super talented lady hehe Like your business cards as well, I'm still using the ones we designed for our degree show. I have about 300 left over......

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