Monday, 20 September 2010

Mooncup, yes...

Evening! It's been awhile from my last post, and foremost

See 'the Ideal Period' here

Quick illustration update. Another beauty for Amelia's Magazine, one about the...ahem Mooncup.  See the full article here.

An alternative to tampons, and my best friend uses it religiously. This was a challenge, especially my first impressions of this product feels icky.  So I thought the retro 'pin up' girl theme advert would be suitable, making it less icky and more sexy hehe. 

Finally, I'm on my internship at Penguin Group with Dorling Kindersley, and I am loving every minute of it. I am learning so much how publishing works and also how illustrators are commissioned/ working within the team, etc. Also really truly understand how much of the work goes into these amazing extensive books.  So it explains my lack of presence on the good ol' internet. 

Let me know if you enjoy this and I speak to you soon! Have a lovely week xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Hello! It's Veja Darkroom

Just finished this illustration yesterday for Amelia's Magazine, yet to be posted up onto the web. Nevertheless I couldn't wait to show you all, especially I am so pleased with the colour schemes. Also it came out well especially the type. The illustration is of a shopfront selling limited Veja Ethical bags. Hope you like it. Lots more to come! 


Friday, 3 September 2010

3. "Wish you were here"

Image courtesy of House of Fraser 
Last but not least, part three. And it's another addition to Amelia's Magazine, for her article pre thoughts on recent Vintage Goodwood Festival. It's really fascinating read and especially the debate emerges on how festivals should really market itself to the audiences. From the press photos, I would have loved to experience it myself and lapped it up (the advertisers. creators would love that)  But I am digressing....

Work in Progress
For awhile now, I really wanted to try more retro colouring/style to my images. Using limited colour palette, the blues and yellows, hints of red reflecting a past history. With this illustration I wanted it to reflect on lifestyle painting illustration you see in Women's Homes Magazine.  There are some bits I would improve otherwise I really enjoyed working this way. I hope it shows. 

That's it for now. But I got loads more illustrations to show off soon. So I won't neglect this blogspot. Have a good evening and speak soon xxx
Final Result 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

2. The Progress of Ziad

Hello, how are you? As promised, it's part deux!.
Another illustration for Amelia's Magazine, this time it's for interview article with Ziad Ghanem (Matt's ultimate favourite designer). I jumped at the chance to do the illustrations for this article because, just look at Ziad's pieces, they are just beautiful and dying to be illustrated.

From the sketch to painting. The Work in Progress.

I drew the portrait of Ziad and I have to admit I was a bit of perfectionist with this piece. After several attempts and eraser markings, I decided to go against my usual "colour explosions" (as some might call it hehe) and experiment with classic black and white with limited colour palette.

See the full article here 

The final result is quite intense, stark background and dynamic. This is one of the portraiture I enjoyed painting. Especially with the limited colour palette, I'll continue to do just that and possibly more men's pieces and portraiture.

Many thanks to Ziad who really loved the article and the illustrations and gave a shout out on his Facebook page. Gotta head out again to work so I'll see you again in Part Three! xxx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1. "Don't forget to..... blog"

Hello! How are you all? 
It have been awhile and lots of things been happening. Most of you know, I have been juggling with my illustrations and day job alongside. While I have been illustrating, I have neglected my poor blogspot. 
Therefore I am spoiling you with not one, or two but THREE illustrations! Hope you like it, lets get started before I head off to work! 

Hot off the press, I created my submission for lovely Balladof, "Dont forget to write."I had a lot of ideas while brainstorming, (my sketchbook looks very much like mad ramblings.)

Overall I am pleased with it, after several drafts. I am emerging into the editorial essence of illustration. Quick post, I will see you at part deux! xxx

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