Monday, 19 July 2010

Back from Wales!

Hello! How have you all been?
I am back from my trip to Aberystwyth, Wales. Finished the Coastal walk challenge to raise money for kids for learning difficulties, it was hard, steep and LOTS of variety of poo, cow poo, sheep poo, goat's poo. You get the gist.

 However the view was marvellous, a sight to see. With me on the challenge was my best friend and her family, with charity box in our hand, our part of the challenge is finished and next partakers can go on from where we have left of. Go on and donate even just a £1, we raised nearly £200 ourselves! Donate here.

Unfortunately there was a slow wifi connection at the cottage we were staying so it was quiet on the internet duties :(

Coffee table studio in ABERYSWYTH

While I was at Wales, I was ambitious to do four paintings to submit to Amelia's Magazine Open Fashion Brief. Packing most of my acrylics, paper and brushes I stupidly forgot my mug and palette, gah, So I brought a souvenir mug and party plates. Here a little sneak peek of the WIP.

My best friend's family never had seen an artist paint before, so it was odd having an audience, I didn't mind. Had a bundles of companions while I was painting, a litter of cats! 


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

So glad you had a nice time in Aber! Did you go into Polly's? I used to work there :) x

Mike Stone said...

I went to uni in Aber! Did you walk to Borth?

June Chanpoomidole said...

Thanks for commenting guys!

@TigerlillyQuinn I didnt get to to go into Polly's Im afraid. What did you do there? xx

@MikeStone We didnt get to walk as far as Borth, it was a group of us including my best friend's nan. After awhile we gotten tired

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