Wednesday, 2 June 2010

+ Amelia's Magazine: Sleigh Bells + Pretty Young Things +

Hot off the press, my latest illustration for Amelia's Magazine on the Great Escape Festival review. Also it includes Fabulous illustrations from Abi Daker and Donna McKenzie.
Many thanks to Cari Steel for letting me illustrate for her. xx

Donna McKenzie

Abi Daker

The weather been really pleasant and postman been giving me gifts from Fritha Strickland. I was really looking for to this! A bag of goodies, with button badges, hair clips and her works of art. Thank you hun, your work are lightening up my desk wall. Xx

Sneak Peek of my Desk.


Rachel said...

I have that print on my wall too :D

Lalalou said...

I like the colours you used :)

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