Thursday, 16 July 2009

New Designers 2009

Hello! Im living between two homes at the mo so it was really lovely to be invited to the New Designers Private Awards Night at the Business Centre in Angel. Loads of graduates have exhibited here from product design to illustration, also some illustrators I have recognised from D&AD New Blood not too long ago. Unfortunately my camera had no battery hence the lack of photos, but I will be going there again since it ends this Sunday 19th July. More info can be found here if you want to have a little look.

I have to admit New Designers pretty similar to D&AD New Blood with the exception of a hefty entry price to visit on the day. However it was fresh to see other graduates' work and feel really inspired at the end of the day. More photos to come.

Ohh and by the way, I met the lovely Amon fellow illustrator, whom is very happy with the free latest issue of Grafik magazine when you fill in a reader's survey.

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●• Thereza said...

all good, but just wondering why the beautiful illus from your website don't get to feature here on this blog...
show them off girl! :)

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