Monday, 29 June 2009

Not a Wallflower

Hello there! Hope all is well. This will be a quick post as I'm a little bit Sleepy Bird (Character from Pocoyo hehe) Only had 5 hours sleep, painting, drawing and creating. Here are some teaser illustrations.
I've been doing some patterns and wallpaper drawings, which was quite experimental and new for me. Thank goodness for Julia for her amazing tutorial. Definitely worth checking out. :)
Talk soon, I think I'll need some sleep mew mew


Jo! said...

I have already bought a gocco printer! it was the cheapest one I could find and I can't wait until it arrives!!!

June Chanpoomidole said...

Oh my god really?? Well done! Where from? You must be excited!
How much did it cost?

Jo Cheung said...

Not too bad it was about £80, the ones I've seen are well over £100 excluding shipping costs. So I think I got myself a bargain!!!!
I Ebayed it :)

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