Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Welsh Designer Collective: London Fashion Week

How are you all?
London Fashion Week is definitely keeping me busy. With Amelia's Magazine, illustrating the finest Welsh talented fashion designers, Elinor Franklin, Emma Griffiths, Josie Beckett. Check out the full article here.

Acrylics and Textures paper. Now to tidy up the painterly chaos that is my bedroom. ;_; 
Ciao Ciao! xXx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

London Fashion Week: Amelia's Magazine.

Evening! How are you all? 

After refreshed and ready for action, last night I finished these illustrations for the glamourous London Fashion Week for Amelia's Magazine!  Illustrating crazy, psychedelic characters of the fashion show, check out the full article here at on Amelia's Blog! The article also features Bex Glover, whose illustrations are just pure beauty and works really well together. 

Great excuse to paint that much quicker. 
Need the practise xxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I Heart Amsterdam

Hallo! How is everyone? Did you enjoyed Valentines/Chinese New Year weekend? 
Just arrived back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam, little *jet-lagged* maybe, confusion between which country I am in. Especially when Amsterdam is just as multicultural as the UK. 

We landed in Amsterdam around 9pm and we got stupidly lost, however we saw the heart of the city. The giant Heinekken, Grosch neon lights and more lights, the long street names. It was intoxicating and very liberating especially you get that hit when walking past the coffee shops. 
Numerous times, nearly got ran over if not by car, then by trams or even the cyclists, whose cyclist lanes are generously wider than the pedestrians.  At times, the cyclists are invisible, until they will either shout at you or ding you last minute. 
Of course, the Red Light District, the main curiosity of the trip. It is beautiful but such different atmosphere at night and in the daylight. I have to admit, it was bloody hard to find but as we walked down the main street of Damrak, and saw SEX SHOP neon sign, I looked like a proper tourist and got giddy. 

It was tourist attraction with huge diverse groups and there was loads of Kebab shops, Chip shops, Coffee Shops. Of course I wasn't disappointed, loads of Sex shops, sex shows, peep shows on offer also there was the Hash Museum. 
The Red Windows, (you couldn't hide from them), the girls looked at times bored and talking to their colleagues. While observing some tapped on the windows and teased the tourists. At one point I was walking down the street and the client just came out of the window and knocked right into me. 

  The cultural side of Amsterdam was epic, there was the Van Gogh Musem, Rembrants Museum, Rijksmuseum. The queues were unbelievable long (Tip: Anyone who's going to the mueums, buy online ahead or at Coster Diamond ;)
We went straight back and went to the Troppenmuseum instead, it was a tropical museum dedicating to the colonies and the slave trade that brought Amsterdam its resources. Pretty amazing museum.

I had such an amazing time, evening the cold snowing weather didn't stop the city from bustling. I had numerous amazing moments like Van Gogh's Sunflowers, the RLD and of course, I did all with Robert. It was our 6th Year Anniversary on Valentines and it was a pretty amazing one. 
Thanks to everyone who recommended me things to do in Amsterdam, I nearly did them all. xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A R I S E Magazine: Helen Jennings

Herro! How are you all today?

Keeping my resolutions, I've been manically busy and at times, been a bit schizophrenic. Today, I've got the day off to show you another illustration 

The lovely team of Sketchbook gave me another talented editor, Helen Jennings of ARISE Magazine, to illustrate.  Arise Magazine filled with vibrant fashion, culture and the arts of Africa. It's an amazing magazine, so visually appeasing to look at, from interviews with the Noisettes (Go baby go baby go!) and the Rise of Obama. Go check the magazine out!

Acrylics paints and ink on drawing and watercolour paper.

Twas great fun to paint and I sincerely hope she likes it. Nevertheless it was a pleasure to paint, especially using the browns, sienna and yellow ochre. Definitely makes a change from dark blues and blacks. 

Even my paint brushes are so worn out. Need to buy new ones but I can't bare to part with them. (Chocolate is an essential too, especially Montezuma's.)

My Desktop studio. Paintbrushes, glue and chocolate, mmm.....

Next weekend, I'm going to Amsterdam!!!! Just realised and I am so so excited. Going to paint and draw and see space cakes. Also planning to do little valentines painting for my beloved.

Take care now and keep warm! xx

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